The Starting of a Bright Semester

Well guys, the fourth semester had just commemorated itself today and it’s consider a new start of everything in college. Friends will be reunited after a long semester break (Around a month), new challenges awaits and subjects we need to crunch through. I’m excited even when I’m writing this short update. Will definitely see how this short 14 weeks of a semester will shape me into this time. Hopefully with an increase of knowledge and worldly wisdom :D

Ja ne!

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Taking My Chances

I’m down with a fever and headache again in this heated weather that have been going on and off. Weather here in Malaysia have become bipolar in a sense that when it’s heated up the environment can be unbearable. Walking under the blazing sun can quickly heat the clothes on your body up and wishes you were wearing just underwear instead. While if it does rain it can go from morning until late into the evening. Don’t get me wrong, I love the cold and rain as its more cooler and I find myself with an extra boost on my productivity.


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